What are the basics of SEO? | SEO For Beginners


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Your BEST bet for obtaining organic traffic is mastering SEO for your blog. Successful and effective SEO takes many forms and is a bit of a spiderweb, if you think about it.

What do I mean by spiderweb? 

Well for example, in order for your blog post about yoga pants to be ranked up in Google. You must have a good title, which depends on keywords that depends on the content, then depends on the URL – you get the idea… It can become a bit convoluted.

There is a TON of things to consider when it comes to optimizing your page for SEO but I’m here to walk you through it step-by-step!



First of all… Should you use Google Ads? HELL NO!

In the years that I have ran blogs, pages, etc. I have NEVER had any form of success using Google Ads. To me, it is just Google’s way of suckering you into giving them money especially if you’re a newbie.

Don’t get me wrong, you do get a boost in views. I mean, how would you not? You’re paying for it! But once your little ad campaign is over, say hello to no traffic like you started. This is why obtaining organic traffic is an absolute must for your content.


Here’s the thing about click-bait… IF done right, yes you get clicks – I mean its called click bait for a reason. But, when you become well known for being click-bait. Then everyone or most people will reject you, and at the end of the day you really just end up building a bad reputation for yourself. At that point you’re just a meme website that kids will tune into for the lolz.

So, if you’re trying to run a serious business here, just… don’t. Ok?


Let’s be honest… With TikTok and the popularization of memes, most people have grown accustomed to short-form content. Yes, this even bleeds into blog posts unfortunately. 

So, how long should your content be? We’ll be covering that later on!



Your page URL and title basically go hand-in-hand. However, your URL and therefore your post title should not be too long or Google may push you down! You also want your URLs to make sense so Google doesn’t get confused. For example, if you’re writing up a post about pretty shoes for women. You would not want your page to look like this – https://shoes.com/pages/women-shoes. It sucks, and it is too vague… Make your URLs more descriptive and include keywords as such – https://shoes.com/women-shoes/top-5-women-shoes-brands-in-the-uk.

Much better!


Why did you click on this website? Was it the pretty colors? The super awesome name I gave it? Or perhaps the title of the post was relevant to what you were looking for?

Your post title is the first step into obtaining that potential click. A good title should include the following:

  • Relevancy to the post content
  • Include searchable keywords
  • Briefly explain what the post is about

Different from click-bait, isn’t it?


Going back to the previous question. How long should your post be?

One good tip is to look at how long similar posts are. Go to Google, search up whatever your post is going to be about. Pick the top 3 links that appear (non-ad links) and add up the word count, then divide by 3. Aim for that number!

Now, as also mentioned before, people have short attention spans today – it is an attention market! If your post is pretty straight forward and isn’t something that is so deep and can have expansion. Do not milk it… it will bore everyone especially if you repeat yourself throughout the post. 


Granted, there are many more spider webs to crawl on when it comes to SEO. But these simple and basic pointers should lead you in the right direction especially those of you who are just getting started.

And as always, if you are in need of some personal consultation, you can always reach out to me!