Omar Martinez

Omar Martinez

My journey dates back to 2012 when I attended college at TSTC in Waco, TX. At the time I was studying for Computer Networking and System Administration (CNS) then received my Associates of Applied Science in 2014. Throughout that time, my family was attempting to start and operate an antiques/exotic furniture business but was struggling and eventually closed it down.

Eventually, I was able to obtain my first job as an intern for a Toll Road billing company that got bought out by Schneider Electric, for some reason. Though this was not an IT position as I studied for, it was still a position to begin earning money and experience the depressing life of a 9-5.

Now because this was an intern position, it did not last long and was then hired at a hardware repair company. This is the company that really made me see how some management can just be ass to their employees. I recall a time when I had parked my car where the office folk normally park because there were no more parking spaces. During lunch as I got into the car to get some food, some lady came out and was snapping her fingers at me to leave like I was some dog. Nine months later, I was able to escape that place and into my first real IT job in 2015.

In this position, everything was going fairly well as it always appears to be when you’re the “new guy” at any company. After about one year in, my father started to really push for me to go into or at the very least look into starting some type of business. At the time, I still had this employee mindset so none of this really caught my attention.

Later on I had begun to look into affiliate marketing and saw that I could make money on the side just by laying out links everywhere, or so I thought. After learning more about how the affiliate system works and ways to actually grab attention, I learned that I first needed to create an audience. This drew me to create my first long term project of a technology blog in 2019.

As I continued to build the technology blog, I kept on learning about finance and business. This led me to attempt to start an eCommerce business letting my tiny blog sit there. Of course, being new to business the eCommerce shop went under and I was left with a huge debt that I had to somehow pay off while being unemployed. During this time, regardless of the debt I was dealing with, I still continued to learn more about business and finance. Eventually after around 2 years I was able to get another full-time job back in IT, then pay off the rest of my debts. During this time, I also thought – huh… I wonder how my blog is doing. To my surprise when I checked the analytics, I was getting dozens to hundreds of visits a day.

Knowing that my tiny blog blew up with less than 10 pages of actual content, I decided to dedicate time and effort into this project. During the blog’s rebirth I learned more about SEO, marketing strategies and copywrite. To this day, my blog is recovering in traffic thanks to the mistake I made of changing the domain, but recovering none-the-less!

As of late I am now working on another bigger project of a software that I will lease to consumers and hosting providers. By no means am I a rich man yet, but my intention is to bring close likeminded people, share my successes and failures, my dos and don’ts, and encourage people especially young men to bring themselves up and to do something in the world!