3 Tips And Tricks For GREATLY Improving SEO On Your Blog

You created a blog, posted some content and weeks to months later you see that your page still has 0 visits. So, how do you get more traffic to your blog?

Definitely, this is a frustrating issue many beginner bloggers go through when making a blog. Unless, you don’t care and you do what I did and let it sit there until it randomly blew up 2 years later. Hmm…

Here are 3 great tips on improving SEO on your blog, not only to just bring in traffic, but make sure it is organic.


When it comes to keyword searching, it is absolutely critical that you use keywords that actually have some relevancy to what your page content, title and meta have.

Let’s say you’re making a post about good shoe brands. Are you really going to use keywords about surfing just because they are popular? Bruh.

This is one amateur tactic I see common in social media like Instagram. People post a selfie and the tags are just random tags who have millions of followers. Eventually, these tags get full of irrelevant, attention seeking people spamming and ruining the tag for the rest of the followers.

In the case of Google, you will be dismissed like a peasant and the only one that gets hurt is yourself. But, enough talk and let me give you some examples!


Falling back to women’s shoes by brand. This is an example of a bad set of keywords to use.

  • shoes
  • boots
  • nike air force 1
  • yeezy
  • nike shoes
  • sneakers
  • jordan 4
Notice how while they are shoes, but they do not scream women much less anything about brands or best brands for that matter. While here is an example of good keywords.

  • best women shoes brands
  • the best running shoes for women
  • best orthopedic shoes for women
  • best footwear brands for ladies
  • best nike running shoes women
  • best skechers walking shoes for ladies
  • best heels brands
Much better! Not only are they long-tail keywords but they also mention brands, mention the target audience (women) and mention shoes.


Have you ever opened a website, immediately said “NOPE”, then pressed the back button? Some websites are just horrendously compiled whether that is a giant ad popping up on my face, ads where you can’t tell which is the correct download button. I have come across pages that seem to have useful info but its just this massive wall of text.

Absurdities like this can actually scare off potential readers. So, what is a good page structure to follow? What are things to consider when structuring your page?


You really don’t want to overwhelm your readers with a wall of text. Give your eyes some breathing room so, space out paragraphs and sections out a bit. Take this very page you’re reading as an example!


Order your damn headings right! Don’t make the mistake many make where everything is an H1 because it looks big and awesome. A rule of thumb that I love to follow is to leave your post title be the H1, every section be an H2 and sub-sections be H3. Like this!

  • (SPACER)
  • SECTION (H2)
  • (SPACER)


Can you really get visitors from Google Images? Believe it or not, yes! Although, in my experience it really depends on what the image is.

Images that are more likely to get clicks are images that represent what the person is searching for. For example, with women’s shoes you will more likely get a click having an image of actual women’s shoes rather than an image captioning “women’s shoes”.